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Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer, I am truly honoured to be part of your day and I cannot wait to capture all the magic!


After booking:

To best plan your day I start by getting to know you both and your style of wedding. I will send out a questionnaire shortly after booking. Then I will use this information to develop your individual wedding photography time-line, which essentially will provide you with recommendations for how long and what time to schedule your events around the best location and lighting of your day. I want you to have the best opportunity of light and location for stunning images.


Please contact me anytime if you have questions. I am here to help and will look after you every step of the way from planning to the very last moment.

1.5 months before your wedding:

A month and a half before your wedding I will get in touch to gather the final details of your day and will send you a final questionnaire to ensure I have all your correct details and your most up to date time-line. I will also confirm our start and finish time, your location shoot choice/s, family portrait combination choices.


Please find below rough time recommendations in order to get the best out of your wedding day photography.


45 minutes - 1 hour


I will arrive 15-30 minutes before your ceremony begins

Group Shot & Family Photos      

30 minutes

Location Shoot                        

1-2 Hours


The above time recommendations will vary for each wedding due to: varying locations and distance between the locations, amount of family group photo combinations, style of weddings, sunset time (amount of daylight left after ceremony), how much you love photos, and personal choices. As each wedding is unique, I will send you out your own individualised wedding photography scheduling time-line recommendations.


Group shot & Formal photos

The way we organise your group shot and formal family photos that is the least disruptive is:

1. Group shot first immediately after ceremony

2. Largest side extended family and immediate family

3. That same side immediate family with partners

4.That same side immediate family no partners

5. That same side just parents

6. Then both sets of parents from both sides

7. The other side just parents

8. The other side immediate family

9. The other side immediate family with partners

10. The other side immediate and extended family

(Extended family is cousins, uncles, aunties, nieces and nephews. Immediate family is parents, siblings, grandparents, your children if applicable).

As we will not know your family it may be helpful to delegate an organised and loud friend who knows the majority of people well, who can assist me in gathering up your groups.

If you would like to create your own combinations please let us know, this includes any additional or altered combination of the above, such as an individual shot with grandma etc. If you have required photos of special family members outside of the above generic combinations this is the time to schedule it, as we have dedicated the time. Leaving it to other parts of the day cannot be guaranteed due to time restrictions and factors outside of our control. If you wish to create your own list of family combinations or add to the above please advise us in writing. Also please have the unique list ready for us on the day. This will save a large amount of time and not interfere with your location shoot time. If you would like other formal photos such as with friends, please don’t hesitate to grab myself or my second shooter during your reception at any time to capture these.


Here is a list of wedding day photography tips to maximise the beauty of your images, and also some wedding day tips that may help your day run a little smoother.

Wedding day morning:

When choosing your getting ready location lighting is everything. From a photographers perspective we love well lit rooms filled with natural light. Have a look around for a space that has a lot of light from a window. To improve the aesthetics of your images it is ideal to un-clutter the room, collect all bags ect off the floor, bed etc. The backdrop of your location can have a huge impact in the aesthetics of your images, locations such as hotel rooms can sometimes provide the perfect setting, and also on occasions can be more convenient saving precious time traveling from suburb to suburb on your wedding day morning.

Little details can really help to tell your story and reflect your style of wedding. A lot of thought has gone into matching the florals with the invites or table decor. Photography can really bring it all together. Wedding mornings can get very busy, but before we get there maybe you could gather up your special details that you would like photographed. Having them in the one place makes it easy for the photographers and videographers. Details such as: rings, invites (the whole set or two sets of invitations) jewellery, shoes, gifts ect. If you and your partner are exchanging gifts/cards, you may wish to wait to open until your photographer and video videographer are there, so we can catch those smiles or tears of joy!

In general most wedding run 10-15 mins behind schedule. One thing we often find runs behind is hair and make up. To avoid the stress & rush to get ready (not only stressful, but you may also not experience those precious moments that usually happen when getting ready), schedule a little leeway. If your hair and make up does run on time, then at least you'll have a little time to relax.

Location Shoot/Portraits

Usually the location shoot occurs after your ceremony. However, certain factors can influence what time you choose such as how much daylight you have after your ceremony, or if you'd like to do a first look prior to your ceremony. I will be in contact to collaborate and tailor the best plan for your day, so you don't have to worry about working this out. Should we aim to catch golden hour? Golden hour is a special kind of light that makes everything more beautiful, it creates warmth to the skin and adds dreaminess to the landscape. Golden hour occurs 1 hour before sunset. However if if sunset is much later in the evening on your wedding day we could schedule 10 minutes during your reception to pop outside to catch it if you wish, you won’t regret it!


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Thank you again. Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime for anything big or small. I am here to help.

Kerri x