When we were asked by AFLW star, Moana Hope and model partner, Isabella Carlstrom, to capture their wedding, our hearts skipped a beat with excitement! Theirs is a story filled with heart-felt, meaningful moments from the very beginning. Although tradition was never a pursuit in the couple’s wedding day, Moana told Isabella that if she wanted her hand, she would have to ask her late father’s permission. In keeping with the wish and with the dignity and respect every father would expect; Isabella proposed to Moana in the presence of her father’s tombstone. We knew how important loved ones are to these two, and could not wait to see them continue their journey. As anticipated, their wedding was over-flowing with love, kindness.

While the allure of a summer wedding is unquestionable, Mo and Bella organised their wedding within a few months which meant a Victorian winter wedding. Undeniably well executed, chic, sophisticated and modern, they celebrated their stand-up, alfresco wedding in privacy and in honest, understated elegance.

In Moana and Isabella’s words “we want our wedding to be very us…. un-traditional, fun and full of love!”