Our job is to seamlessly capture your day as it un-folds naturally and deliver the highest quality images. Some lighting (artificial & daylight), landscapes/background selection can really influence the look and feel of your images. I have therefore compiled a list of wedding day photography tips to maximise the aesthetics of your images, and also some wedding day tips that may help your day run a little smoother. Remember these are only tips,  lot of these tips are from a photographers perspective. The most important thing is you plan your wedding the way you envision and have the best day ever.

Please note I provide individual wedding photography scheduling recommendations for each couple, as each wedding  is different and each couple is unique. 



1. Choosing your getting ready location

Lighting is everything. From a photographers perspective we love well lit rooms filled with natural light. Have a look around for a space that has a lot of light from a window.  To improve the aesthetics of your images it is ideal to un-clutter the room, collect all bags ect off the floor, bed etc. 

2. Details

Little details can really help to tell your story and reflect your style of wedding. I find they set the scene when I'm telling your story.  Wedding mornings can get very busy, but before I get there maybe you could gather up your special details that you would like photographed (or ask one of your bridesmaids/groomsmen). Having them in the one place makes it easy for the photographers and videographers. Details such as: rings, invitations including the envelope, jewellery, shoes ect. If you and your partner are exchanging gifts/cards, you may wish to wait to open until your photographer and videographer are there, so we can catch those smiles or tears of joy!

3. Preparation

 It is best if you are both not dressed in your wedding attire so I can capture real getting ready moments, not staged re-enactments.  After everyone is ready I can take you all  outside for some portraits, including the parents/grandparents if they're there. 

4. Hair and Make up 

In general most wedding run 10-15 mins behind schedule. One thing I find quite often runs behind is hair and make up. To avoid the stress & rush to get ready (not only stressful, but you may also not experience those precious photography moments that usually happen when getting ready), schedule a little leeway. If your hair and make up does run on time, then at least you'll have a little time for a cuppa. 

5 Hydrate & fuel up

In the mad rush of all sometimes this is missed. Maybe schedule a breakfast before hair and make up, and have bottles of water for convenience. Especially if you are getting married in Summer. 



1. The grand entrance

Okay let's face it who likes walking down an aisle with hundreds of eyes on them? The tendency is for the bride and bridesmaids to sprint down the aisle (even though it feels like forever). A possibility is having each bridesmaid waiting for the one before to reach the front completely before stepping out. This ensures  nothing is missed, but also your guests get to take in the beauty of each and every one of you, and it allows the bridesmaids to experience the bride walking down the aisle towards them too. 

2. The grand exit 

When exiting you may like to walk hand in hand so you stay together as you get pulled to each side of the aisle from loving guests. 



1. When 

Group shot and family photos usually works best if we take them immediately after the ceremony, as everyone is usually present and have not wandered off yet. You can leave organising the group shot and formal photos to me. I'll will call out each family group combination. However, it can be helpful to make a list of each family group and give it to a friend. As I will not know your family it may be helpful to delegate an organised and loud friend who knows the majority of people well, who can assist me in gathering up your groups.



1. How long. We recommend allowing 1-2.5 hours for the location shoot.

2. What time. Usually the location shoot occurs after your ceremony and group shot/family photos. However, certain factors can influence what time you choose such as: how much daylight you have after your ceremony, or if you'd like to do a first look prior to your ceremony. I will be in contact to collaborate and tailor the best plan for your day, so you don't have to worry about working this out. 

Should we aim to catch golden hour? Golden hour is a photographers dream. It is the sort of image where everything and everyone looks the most beautiful, the light warms the skin tone, the landscape looks much more interesting.  Golden hour occurs 30 mins - 1 hour before sunset.  In Melbourne, if you're getting married in approx April - Sep you'll most likely catch it in your scheduled location shoot (if it's a sunny afternoon), but if you get married in Oct - Mar, sunset is later, therefore we could easily pop outside for 10 mins during your reception to catch it if you wish. I will be on the lookout, and if I see it, I'll quickly grab you for shot if you like.  I always tell my clients that golden hour is a bonus. There is never any guarantee it will happen - the day is cloudy, or the day is sunny but the cloud covers the horizon during sunset, or it is obstructed by buildings or mountains. 

Wet weather back up plan: I have shot in so many awful weather conditions a bit of rain does not worry me in getting great shots. However I endeavor to make sure you stay dry, so I will have umbrellas and lead to you stand under awnings, under doorways, inside etc.

3. Where. I will be in contact to collaborate with you in choosing your locations for your portraits.  If you have somewhere in mind please let me know. Firstly when choosing a location I usually ask whether you like: gardens, buildings, trees, countryside etc. then also consider your style of wedding and help to match the location to your style. Then I will offer you suggestions for you to choose from. 

When it comes to posing, I will help. It is our specialty to bring out the natural real you with no signs of awkwardness. As an model many moons ago, this helps with my direction, however I have crafted a skill with my approach to allow you both to relax, enhancing the magic that is already between you both, and letting your love shine. 

I hope this has helped a little. Please contact me at any time with questions. I am here to help and assist in making your wedding day run as smoothly as possible. 

Kerri x